Thank you for visiting the People Workshop.

Clearly, I have no way of knowing how you came to my site: The People Workshop.

However, whether you came here as a result of a web search, or by design because you wanted to know more, my guess is that you have two questions in your mind.

  • What is it that I do?
  • How do I do it?

So let me answer those two questions.

As I explain elsewhere, “My speciality is working with behaviours and people so they have a greater, positive impact in the workplace.”

That comes two ways:

Firstly, from the many workshops that I conduct covering a range of topics, listed here.

Secondly, through individual work offered either face-to-face or by telephone.

This is informed by practical life experience, making lots of mistakes myself and the theory and expertise to back it up. If there is a need to explore why things in your life are like they are, you may want to consider the idea of psychotherapy sessions, explained in more details here.

Please explore my background and if you have any questions or queries whatsoever please contact me.

Thank you for checking this out.

Jon Lavin

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