Workshops & interventions


Standing strong and tall

Standing strong and tall

Workshops that are different from the conventional and are customised to suit the situation and context:

  • Introduction to people management (2-day)
  • Advanced people management (4-day)
  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace (1-day)
  • Appraisal skills (1-day)
  • Coaching & mentoring for managers (1-day)
  • Performance management (1-day)
  • Team building & working (1-day)
  • Relationships in the workplace (1-day)
  • ILM management and team workshops to Level 5

All these workshops have a strong emphasis on relationships, behaviours and what informs them. They are conducted in a relaxed, safe environment where attendees are free to explore behaviours in themselves and the people they interact with and then, make choices about how best to handle situations.

My approach is down to earth, straight talking and fun!  All workshops and other interventions are highly interactive. I never ask attendees to do anything that makes them feel bad in front of their colleagues but they will stretch and challenge.

All workshops are customised from a basic structure to suit the needs of the client. You will always be consulted with first, in order to tailor the workshop to your needs.

Individual work is also offered either face to face or by telephone. Again, this is informed by practical life experience, making lots of mistakes myself and the theory and expertise to back it up.

If you really want to explore why things in your life are like they are, you might like to consider the idea of psychotherapy sessions. (See ‘In-depth people work’ above)

I only work with clients whose needs match my unique approach.

(see what people have said about the work in Feedback)

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