Work underpinnings



The gate to change is always open – we need to turn in order to see it


My work and approach to people is informed by some basic Buddhist philosophy. The Brahma Viharas, also known as the Four Divine Emotions are approaches to life generally. They are the positive emotions and states that are productive and helpful to anyone – religion does not enter into this.



The Four Divine Emotions

1. Loving-kindness
2. Compassion
3. Joy with others
4. Equanimity

Loving-kindness is care for others and yourself. It is not a hard, romantic type of love and not a love that includes extreme attachment or controlling feelings.

Compassion is like an open heart that cares for everyone. It includes empathy, being able to see the other person’s position and caring for and about them.

Joy with others is sometimes called sympathetic joy or appreciative joy. It is the ability to be happy when we see others happy. Their joy becomes your joy as you welcome less suffering and happiness of others.

Equanimity is the balanced state of mind. It is the middle-way state of mind; neither clinging nor pushing away.

By simply holding an intention in mind to see people and situations from the view point of the Brahma Viharas, outcomes in life generally will be more positive. It is a view closely linked with if we knew better, we’d do better.

As with suffering and difficulties, we can create our own suffering in life through an approach or attitude, but this cycle can be broken.

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